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Scott Potter has committed to being part of this year’s Team #Antigua #Atlantic #Rowers. We are delighted that he’s accepted this challenge and are proud to call him #teammate Scott is a prestigious and saught after #personaltrainer, a #kitesurfer an old #windsurf #training partner and classmate of Eli’s. He’s also been an experienced boat captain since he was a kid. He rowed 100 miles in 24 hours with us in very rough and windy crosswind conditions. He was extremely solid on that tough trip, and we knew he’d be a HUGE asset to our team if he joined us for our #atlanticcrossing. We are totally #stoked that we are a 4 man team again and now #stronger and more confident than ever. 

Since joining the team Scott who practically lives in the gym, now is taking 2 hours a day from his schedule to do his own training. Watching his Instagram vids, you can see how dedicated he is to staying fit and helping others get themselves in shape too. Check his IG here.

Scott is a very humble and calm person and out on the water, this calmness is something that is a very big asset. His focus, strength, fitness and calmness is invaluable.